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Wendy is a member of the International Interior Designer Association, Interior Designers of Alberta, Interior Designers of Saskatchewan, and Interior Designers of Canada.

Her more than 30-year experience across provincial, national and international stages has provided variety that spans residential, institutional and government environments.

Specialization includes:
  • Facility Planning
  • Full Service Interior Design
  • Project Management
  • Organization Design & Development
  • Instructing Interior Design
  • International Interior Design & Project Management


2.) FIBRE ART - Artist's Statement

The purpose of my artwork is to provide a spark to interior environments and relief from the sharp planes of walls, ceilings, and floors, with colour, shapes, images, and textures that touch a responsive chord in the viewer. Space without art lacks excitement, surprise and character.

My fibre artwork grew from an appreciation and passion for playing with exciting juxtapositions of colour and texture, a love of sewing and other handcrafts, inspiration from fashion, archaeology, interior design and architecture, a belief that mass-produced items were not as unique as one-of-a-kind or limited edition items lovingly executed by skilled craftspeople. I saw a need, as an Interior Designer, for large scale artwork for public and private spaces. I have developed a parallel and very complimentary career to Interior Design, as a Fibre Artist.

I often combine many techniques, colours, shapes and textures in a single work and frequently use recycled materials, such as leather; ultrasuede; luscious, antique Japanese silks; and fabric samples. Basically, I am a fibre junkie!

My one-of-a-kind artwork can be divided into 3 categories:
  1. Art for Children - Tapestries and soft sculpture developed for commissions from hospitals, residences and daycare centres.
  2. Commissions - Tapestries, soft sculpture, and banners developed from specific parameters set by client, architect, and/or designer
  3. Studio Works - Tapestries, wall hangings, soft sculpture, dolls, pillows, paper and fabric collages, windsocks, banners, flags, wind chimes, fused and stained glass, clothing, and occasionally, bronze casting. These are spontaneous abstractions done without parameters, to test the limits of materials to express an idea.

The love of constructing garments has produced some of my favorite pieces.

As Oscar Wilde (Irish poet, Novelist, Dramatist, and Critic. 1854-1900) had noted, "One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art."

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  • Event Planning and Design
  • Project Management

Wendy's practice can combine both interior design & fibre art skills to create special environments for celebratory functions.

3 Silver Spoon Dinners

Jeux Canada Games '89 - airport banners

Tribach Festival '85 (Edmonton) - heraldic trumpet banners

Riversdale BID 1st Annual Chinese New Year's Parade '99 golden dragon

Saskatoon 20th Street Banner project '94


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